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Jeannine & Geovany Martinez says

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January 2020


Jan 15, 2020, 7:05 PM (7 days ago)
to me
Today marks one month in our new home. I really couldn’t be happier.  This hole experience was so easy and very little stress. It all started with a “well let’s see what happens “. We called Brain at FBC mortgage to see about getting pre approved. They responded very quickly and before we knew it it was time to start looking. We did not have a realtor because we weren’t sure if we were really ready.  We went to open houses and called around realtors offered there services but seemed to pushy or sent us properties out of the budget.  We crossed paths with Walter from exit reality. It seemed we were talking to and old friend. He never made us feel like we were wasting his time or our first timer questions were crazy. We also decided hey let’s set up 11 houses on a Saturday with 3 kids , he said ok. He always asked are you guys ok, are you comfortable with looking here . It was always about us. When we found our house and all through inspections, walk through ,closing and getting the keys he was still right there asking Do you have any questions? How can I help? Do you need anything?. We are very grateful for Walter at Exit reality and FBC Mortgage for making our dreams come true
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